14 September 2015

Watercolor Autumn Tree Card

I have to say. I love all of the seasons for each of their respective reasons. (I'm a poet and I didn't know it? :P ) Spring for the way everything bursts into life, for the blossom trees and flowers, the way it's not too hot and not too cold, and for the way it fills me with hope; Summer for the road trips, BBQs, family, and vacations; Winter for the way the fresh fallen snow looks, for my grandparents at Christmas, sleigh riding and bulky snow suits, mittens, hot cocoa, my anniversary and the way Christmas Eve is the most silent and peaceful night of the year; and fall... for the way mother nature can make change seem like a beautiful experience, for the way the leaves dance on the wind, for apple cider, Halloween, Thanksgiving, football, and reflection.

Given that fall is almost upon us, I thought I would create a card that celebrates the season. I watched a video on YouTube for a similar technique. You can watch it here. I have a long way to go before mine are as beautiful as the talented Sandy Allnock's, but it didn't turn out too bad I didn't think :)

1.) Watercolor cardstock
2.) Sheltering Tree Stamp from Stampin' Up
3.) Distress inks (pick a red, orange, a yellow, a green, a brown, and a blue)
4.) Black ink for sentiment
5.) Thin black marker or pen for outline
6.) Water & Paint Brush

Let me know what you all think. Share with me your favorite season and why. Do you have any seasonal cards you would like to share with me?