24 September 2015

Cherry Blossom Shaker Card

WOW!! I am soooo sorry that it took me so long to create this post... I completely forgot that I put it in drafts and never posted!! Soooooo....

As promised to my friends over at CARD-MAKING USA on Facebook, here is a tutorial for my Cherry Blossom Shaker Card!!! I apologize that I do not have a video or step by step pictures, but I did not know I was going to be making a tutorial and I have never made a video before LOL I would have made another card, but, alas, I am out of foam tape -_- Put it on the list!

Shaker cards are all the rage right now; they are just so fun to make! Too fun NOT to make, if you will. Humans have always been obsessed with making 2D into 3D, am I right? :P

If I were you, I would choose first the theme you want your card to take. For instance, you don't have to choose a cherry blossom for your tree. You can choose any tree; all trees' leaves fall eventually! (And before you get smart with me, remember that I said LEAVES... not needles... so pine trees don't count :P ) You also don't have to use the Stampin Up Sheltering Tree stamp set. Choose anything your little heart desires. Even pine trees if that's what strikes your fancy. Anywho- it also helps to draw a sketch of what you want your card to look like. It helps me at least!


1.) Stamp set of your choice.
2.) Cardstock in your choice of colors
3.) Color coordinating sequins to go with it (like I would LOVE to make a fall version of this with some gold/orange/yellow sequins!)
4.) Ink pads, including distress inks (blue and green) and foam blending tool
5.) Foam tape or foam squares or fun foam sheets
6.) Your favorite adhesive
7.) Paper Trimmer
8.) Acetate


This card measures 6x6 so here are the measurements for this particular card:
- Base: 6x12 (folded in half) ... white
- Picture panel: 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 ... white
- Base the picture panel will go on top of: 5 3/4 x 5 3/4
- Frame: 5 3/4 x 5 3/4 ... pink


1.) First, create your picture/scene. The first thing I did was cut out my "hills" so that I would know the placement of everything else. Eyeball it and set it aside. For this card I stamped a tree in brown and stamped it again off to the right (without reinking) to make it appear as if it were in the background. Then I did the same thing with a medium pink ink for the foliage. After that, and only on the first tree, I took a deeper pink and a lighter pink and used the foliage cluster included in the stamp set to add some various shades to the tree. After this, I used blue distress ink to make the sky.
2.) Ink up the edges of the hills in a coordinating green distress ink.
3.) Glue one down, and put the other on top using foam tape or foam squares to add dimension.
4.) Add more stamps if you'd like (I added a swing and bicycle, grass, etc.)
5.) Glue picture/scene down on the center of the picture panel base.
6.) Build your foam tape wall all the way around, making sure there are no gaps for sequins to leak through.
7.) Add sequins :P
8.) Cut piece of acetate to size and adhere to adhesive of foam tape wall (I always try to do the acetate at the last possible moment to avoid letting it get scratched... as my work surface is always so messy!)
9.) Create a frame using your paper trimmer and glue down on top of the acetate to finish it off! (I used pink here and you can create the frame in advance if you like, it's up to you.)
10.) Glue entire creation onto card base & voila! Shake it up baby!

P.s. afterward, I used the WRMK envelope punch board to create a box envelope (this is done almost the same way as you would on the regular punch board, only you are scoring two lines each time so as to make a deep envelope!)

What do you all think?! If you would like, I can post a pic/links to the supplies that I used. Let me know! :D See you next time!