08 November 2014

Quillflake Card ♥

I was going through my Christmas board on Pinterest... because I've been getting into the spirit lately and wanted to do something to prepare for it, when I saw these snowflakes and thought to myself, "OMG I SHOULD PUT THAT ON A CARD!" lol! I know it's bulky and giving it to someone could be difficult... but a thin handmade box for a bulky card might do the trick.

Twirly Swirly Christmas Card

Hey fellow Crafters... check out this beaut. 

Used the Cricut (a cartridge I don't even HAVE ahaha!) + pearly paper + snowflake embossing folder + Cuttlebug + ribbon for the double bow. I hope ye liketh. 

07 November 2014

DIY Christmas gift bag

Who DOESN'T love custom crafty awesome ways of wrapping stuff at Christmas time? All you need  for a bag like this is some awesome paper, ribbon, tissue paper, and the We R Memory Keeper's Gift Bag Punch Board. And an embellishment if you so choose. They work great for birthdays too.

Inspiration can seriously strike just about anywhere. I was CLEANING OUT MY CLOSET the other day when I found this sparkly purple leftover Christmas ornament. That's when the fire lit inside my brain and I was like OMG! PURPLE CHRISTMAS GIFT BAG!

Go get this punch board and see what you can make with it!!! Share your creations with me.

And hey- if you stop by, leave me some love! I haven't gotten any comments yet and would love to respond to some peoples! Thank youuuu!! ♥♥♥♥♥

01 November 2014


I made these treat bags for my daughter's class this year.. for Halloween! I did it with the Cricut! It's great because Cricut now has a subscription service.. like Netflix has for movies or how other companies offer something in exchange for about what? 7-10 bucks a month! The Cricut subscription service is $9.99 per month and you have UNLIMITED access to all of their cartridges (sans the licensed Disney ones, of course). Truly phenomenal deal! Imagine all the ways in which you could craft your brains out!!! :P XD